Tu-Lu’s Gluten Free Bakery (REVIEW)

Tu-Lu’s Gluten Free Bakery is located at 338 East 11th Street (between 1st and 2nd ave) in NYC.  Tu-Lu’s is a cute little shop with a few seats and cute decor to sit and enjoy your tasty treats. We ventured in to the city on Thursday to give it a try.  My main interest in going there was to try their very delicious sounding cupcakes.  While looking at their website a bit I noticed that they also some panini’s on the menu.  Most items on the menu had prices associated with them, however the panini’s didn’t, so we weren’t 100% sure if we were going to actually have lunch there or not.  Once arriving and seeing the selections and prices we decided to do so instead of having dessert first.  Once I read that they use Udi’s bread I got really excited because I haven’t tried any of their products yet and have been wanting to.

I ended up ordering the “Sliced Roasted Turkey with Provolone & Herb Mayo” panini and Bryan ordered the “Ham and Melted Muenster with Whole Grain Mustard” panini.  Both came with a side of lightly dressed mixed greens and were very delicious.  The bread is amazing-it held up extremely well.  This has been a big thing for me lately when trying new gluten-free bread products is “how well do they hold up in a sandwich” and some of them fail miserably!  But between the Canyon Bakehouse Breads and Udi’s I have been pleasantly surprised.  Both hold up extremely well especially in a panini.

Next up was what we came for…the cupcake!  I love them (and very picky about them). I ordered the Vanilla Cupcake with  Strawberry Cream Cheese icing and Bryan ordered the Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla Cream Cheese Icing.  They were very tasty with a good texture.  Not as fluffy as I was expecting, more of a denser cupcake but over all great flavor.

However, and I hate to write this, but not long after leaving we both had very intense stomach pains.  I’m not sure exactly what it was from but here is my guess.  It has been extremely hot around here and when we arrived and ordered our cupcakes the frosting was melting off.  I was almost hesitant to try it, but when you put a cupcake in front of me, I can’t really resist.  Not because they cupcakes were just out of the oven and not cooled completely but because it was so warm in there and I don’t think their little display case was cool enough or at all.  Many of the cupcakes you could see the frosting sliding off and if they are a cream based frosting…that doesn’t go very well with the heat.  We were both sick for a few hours which was very upsetting because I had very high hopes for this place.  I have ruled it out just yet of this one time so I think when its a bit cooler out, I’ll have to give it another shot.  If anyone else has tried it I would love to hear your review also.


Oh The Places We’ll Go

Today is my last day of work and on Friday I’ll be taking my one way flight back east!! We’ll be spending a few weeks in New Jersey with Bryan’s family before we head on up to Rhode Island and get settled into our first place together.  While in New Jersey, we’ll be making a few trips to Philadelphia, New York City and almost a week in DC (we are beyond excited about that…neither of us have been).

With being gluten-free I decided to do a bit of research for our little adventures of places where we could possibly try out.  Of course I had to try to locate a cupcake place in each city!  So here is our potential stops as of right now…if you have any other suggestions PLEASE leave a comment and let me know of them!!


Sweet Freedom Bakery

New Jersey

Gluten Free Gloriously

New York City

Babycakes NYC (been here already and LOVE it)

Tu-Lu’s Gluten Free Bakery

Bloom’s Delicatessen

Friedman’s Deli

Lilli and Loo’s




Red Mango

D. C.

Hello Cupcake!

Kavanaugh’s Pizza

Lilit Cafe

Cupcakes – what’s not to love??

So last week I made two different brands of brownie mix and this week, you guessed it…cupcakes! Technically it’s cake mix that I am comparing this week just made into cupcake form. In my mind cupcakes are way better than cake 🙂 Little individual cups of yummy goodness.  Again, its Betty Crocker Chocolate Cake Mix compared to Arrowhead Mill’s Vanilla Cake Mix. I’ve made the Betty Crocker ones before and loved them and I’ll be making the Arrowhead Mill’s ones for the first time.  The Arrowhead Mill’s mix was in the batch of mixes one of my co-workers brought me a few weeks ago.

I love cupcakes, and I seek them out.  Over the Christmas I went to New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts to visit Bryan and our families.  On one of our little adventures to NYC we got the chance to go to BabyCakes!  Now those are some tasty cupcakes!! Wow.  I think I spent almost $40.00 on cupcakes, why?? Not because of the price (well sort of) but because I couldn’t decide which ones to buy.  Sooo Bryan and I picked a few and got two of each so we could both try them, because I don’t share cupcakes very well.  I think we ended up with the Vanilla, Chocolate and Brownie cupcakes.  All of which were AMAZING but I think the brownie ones were our favorite. – I can’t wait to go back there again!

When Bryan came to visit me in February we took a weekend trip up to San Francisco.  We kept seeing this van that says “Kara’s Cupcakes” on the side and I obviously kept trying to figure out where they were located.  On our last night there, we are heading to go pick up the car at our hotel and he saw there store and Bryan, being the amazing boyfriend that he is, went in just to see if they offered gluten free cupcakes.  To both of our surprise they did!  But, sadly they were sold out.  I was a little crushed until he told me that they had another store, and if I knew what flavor I wanted they would call over to see if they could hold two for us.  Thankfully the other store had some left, we got there right before they closed and the best part was, they were two blocks from out hotel! ha ha.  While at the store I started chatting with the girl behind the counter and to my surprise they started with Erin from BabyCakes NYC’s recipe and adapted it to make it their own…no wonder why they were so good and we loved them so much. We were patient enough to not eat them until we got home (about 2.5 hours) before digging into our little gems.  Again, the cupcakes were AMAZING!!

This summer when I move I am hoping to try some cupcakes from Tu-Lu’s Gluten Free Bakery (also in NYC).  If anyone has tried them, I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

So here are the results of this weeks battle of the cupcakes (both sets of cupcakes will have the same frosting-yes its gluten free!!):

Betty Crocker Chocolate Cupcakes with Betty Crocker Rich and Creamy Rainbow Chip Frosting


Arrowhead Mills Vanilla Cupcakes with Betty Crocker Rich and Creamy Rainbow Chip Frosting

Betty Crocker – I followed the directions on the back of the package and cooked it according to the time given.

Moist, tasty, chocolaty.  Taste and texture of a “real” cupcake.  As with the brownie mix from Betty Crocker you can’t tell the difference from the gluten containing cupcakes.

Arrowhead Mills – I followed the directions on the back of the package and cooked it according to the time given.

Moist, tasty vanillay.  The taste was pretty good, however the texture was a bit different.  They were a little grainy, almost like it has a little bit of a crunchy texture, more like cornmeal-ish texture to it.  Over all they were still very good, I really enjoyed them.

Now I have a little more than two dozen cupcakes and I am only one person so as with the majority of things I bake these will be coming to work with me tomorrow.  My co-workers have become my “test kitchen” over the past two years.

And the winner is….

I have to say that the winner of this one has got to be the Betty Crocker mix, but probably only because of the texture of the Arrowhead Mills.  You really can’t tell that these and the frosting are gluten free.  Betty Crocker has done very well with these mixes, I am highly impressed.

Now to wash these down with a nice big glass of soy milk!!