California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) Offers GF Menu Items Part 2

On June 29th I posted some potentially good news: California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) Offers GF Menu Items.  There was a bit of mixed reviews regarding this post, which is completely understandable.  You never truly know if your meal will be 100% gluten-free (and free of any cross-contamination) when you are eating out in a non-designated gluten-free restaurant.  Many restaurants take extra precautions when preparing gluten-free menu items and will train their staff regarding the gluten-free diet and cross-contamination.

I will admit at first I was a bit skeptical about trying the new pizza but I asked a few other bloggers and readers who had tried the new pizza and they all said it was delicious and didn’t have any glutened symptoms.  When we went to Boston a few weeks ago with our dear friends Warren and Joyce we found a CPK and decided to give it a go (when you sign up to receive their e-mails you get a $5.00 coupon!).

Out of the four of us I am the only one with celiac disease so I ordered off of their Gluten-Free Menu! (which is actually just the real menu with “gf” notations next to the items that are gluten-free”). I also asked to speak with a manager about the process of the chefs making the pizza and serving it.  She did assure me that they use a “foil boat” to cook the pizza on, use a separate paddle, separate knife, and serve it right away to avoid any confusion.

I decided to go with what they are known best for – The Original BBQ Chicken Pizza (Invented here in 1985. BBQ sauce, smoked Gouda, Mozzarella, BBQ chicken, red onions and cilantro).  This was always one of my favorite pizzas before I went gluten-free and it was as delicious as ever.  The flavor combination may seem a bit odd when you are just reading about it but the sweetness of the BBQ sauce goes so well with the smoked Gouda and red onions.  Best part of all? I didn’t get sick from eating it!! It was so nice to eat pizza out at a restaurant. Sadly though the closest CPK to us is Boston so we won’t be going there very often.

Again, this is obviously a personal judgement call but I can say that I ate there with absolutely no problems and it was delicious, the staff was very friendly, helpful, and well-informed.  A nice change from my last visit to a CPK.  Again, please come back and let me know if you have tried CPK’s new gluten-free options and what you thought about it.


KickAss Cupcakes (Review)

Yesterday we went to Boston for the day.  I love Boston, probably more than any other city in the U.S. That might just be because I grew up going to Boston often.  Sadly thought I haven’t really been to Boston much since being diagnosed so I had NO clue what my options were for gluten-free, except of course P.F. Chang’s (see review here).  On Tuesday I posted on Twitter if anyone had suggestions for a gluten-free bakery or cupcakery (I saw this term in DC and loved it! Thankfully I got a response and it was the one that I came across while searching online – Kickass Cupcakes – Boston’s Best All Natural Sweet Cupcakes.

After our very tasty dinner at P. F. Chang’s we got on the red line and headed to Davis Square in Somerville (.  Finally a cupcakery that isn’t either pink, white and brown or blue, white and brown.  This place was different…red and black!  We walked into the little shop and found three different gluten-free options: Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting, Vanilla Cupcake with Vanilla Frosting and a Mojito Cupcake.

Kickass Cupcakes is mostly regular cupcakes with a large variety of flavors and limited edition cupcakes.  For example yesterday we saw a root beer float cupcake and a green monster themed cupcake (chocolate cupcake with green frosting!). I think fairly recently they started to offer gluten-free options. I’m sure the regular cupcakes really do KickAss, however the gluten-free cupcake didn’t exactly KickAss…don’t get me wrong it was very tasty and the sweet frosting was a perfect balance with the cupcake, but I wasn’t “wow’ed” by them.

I chose the vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting with sprinkles. The cupcake its self seemed to be a little over cooked but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I have definitely had better cupcakes and even made more moist cupcakes but I would try them again in the future for sure.  I know gluten-free baked goods can be a bit tricky especially with getting the right texture and making sure they aren’t even the slightest bit over cooked.

Give KickAss Cupcakes a try – Gluten-Free or Regular, I think it’s worth it.

KickAss Cupcakes

Davis Square 378 Highland Ave

Somerville, MA 02144

Take the Red Line to Davis Square, exit at the College Ave exit and go left two blocks.