Sparks In The Kiln

Sparks in the Kiln

Simple Pottery, Painting & Crafting all made from the heart.

Hello Everyone,

This post is not gluten-free and it’s not about food at all, it is about my sister Sara’s new blog; Sparks In The Kiln.  Sara is an AMAZING artist and potter.  Sara is currently living in Australia with her husband (my super awesome brother-in-law) Jason and my two unbelievably cute and funny nephews Jed and Sam. She is a stay at home mum to these two little boys.  I don’t know how but she manages to find time to feed another of her passions, art.  She has always been very crafty, whether it is with painting, pottery or mixed media pieces.  Sara is also a very giving person and always looking for ways to help and bless those in need.  She recently made some beautiful ornaments in the shape of Africa for a family back in the states who are in the process of adopting from there.  Well the family loved them so much they did a give away on their blog for two of the three ornaments and this also generated a bunch of orders for Sara!  She has also started up an Etsy page, so please head on over there and take a look at them.

She recently started this new blog to showcase her creations and has started a new project called Love Art. Please read below about Love Art:

Love Art

100 % of my sales will NOT go into my pocket but be given to the individual whom I have dedicated my Love Art post to, in order to help them during their time of need.
How does Love Art work?

  • Excellent question! I am not exactly sure! I’m going to give it a try and see how things go. As with anything new I’m sure there will be some changes to be made. All I ask is that you are patient with me and spread the word about Love Art. Remember I am a mum first, artist second 🙂
  • Bulleted ListI will most likely share with you the need, but not the names of those who are in need.
  • I decided to sell my art because I feel it’s a win win situation for all involved: I get to create. You get to own something or gift something. My favorite part, someone is blessed during a difficult time.
Love Art Auction
  • Place a bid! I will post my art for a certain amount of time allowing you to make a bid by leaving a comment. At the end of the allotted time, the highest bidder is the winner.
  • If you win the bid please factor in $3 to $5 for shipping cost. I will cover the remaining shipping/packaging fees.
  • The winners will be announced on my blog and will need to email me at for my PayPal details.
  • I plan to post 3 pieces of art per auction.

All proceeds from this first auction are being given to a family we have known for many years.  In November they lost their 36-year-old son in a head on collision.  Not only did he leave behind his parents, sisters, brother, nephew and nieces but he also left behind his four young daughters.  With the huge cost of a funeral his parents are unable to see their daughter who is currently in rehab.  So this money will go directly to them to assist in the financial difficulty they are experiencing.

Please check out Sparks In The Kiln, check out the current auction and place a bid on one or all three of her pieces.  Also bookmark her page and keep checking back for new auctions to help families in need.  Next weeks auction will be three pieces of pottery!! Below are photos are the three pieces that are currently up for auction:

Love Each Other


Love Makes You Pretty

Below is the piece of art that Bryan and I own of Saras.  She made this in 2005 and I have always loved it.  It is lyrics from one of my favorite songs by Enter The Worship Circle – All I Need. I bought this from her when I was moving back east and this now hangs in our bedroom.  “THE DEAD MAN HAS NO BREATH, SO WHILE THERE`S BEATING IN MY CHEST, MY HEART WILL SING THIS CRAZINESS”


Thanks for reading and checking out her site.  Please pass this along!! Sara/Sparks In The Kiln is also on Twitter! (@SparksInTheKiln)


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