My Best Friend

(My first trip to NYC – Love Statue)

Yesterday was Bryan’s 25th birthday.  Lucky for him, he got a snow day from school. Although some would say on a down side, he had to be stuck in the house with me all day.  To make up for that fact, I decided to spoil him with food.  For breakfast I made him gluten-filled french toast and bacon (I used Udi’s bread for mine).  We skipped lunch seeing as breakfast was so big.

Dinner was his favorite P.F. Chang’s recipe Beef A La Sichuan with another P.F. Chang’s recipe; Shanghai Cucumbers along with a nice glass of A to Z 2008 Pinot Noir (if you haven’t tried this yet, you should, it is fantastic!). I asked him a few times what he wanted for a birthday cake this year – cheesecake, cupcakes, regular cake etc., he chose a cheesecake.  In the past I have used Trader Joe’s ginger snap cookies as a crust, but we don’t have a TJ’s close so I looked online for other gluten-free crust options and found one on Betty Crocker’s page.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake! I showed him the recipe and without hesitation he said, yes please. I changed the recipe a little bit but not much.

(Top of the Empire State Building)

Bryan and I met six years ago in Massachusetts while I was working and going to school where he was going to school.  He would come by my office to talk and hang out for a bit between classes, and that was the extent of our hanging out. About a year after meeting, I moved to California and he eventually moved to Pennsylvania to continue school.  Despite the distance and years we managed to stay in contact with one another.  Almost two years ago now he posted on facebook that he injured his ankle in a hockey game, and I left a comment on it saying I wanted to see a photo (I like gross stuff like that). And since then there hasn’t been a day that we haven’t talked, either on the phone, text messages, IM’s or in person.  After a few months of talking we decided that seeing each other might be a fun thing.  I had never been to NYC before and he was living back in New Jersey so I figured it would be fun for me to go there that way I can see him and NYC, mind you it had been four years since we last saw each other.  The second I got off the plane and saw him, it was like we never missed those four years.  There was no weird silence and awkwardness.  We had the best time, even though it rained the majority of the time I was there.  The first night we (meaning he) went and played pool with his good friend Keith. The next night we went to see his friend Alex’s bad play at Asbury Lanes and with cameras in hand headed to the city a few times.  We went to MoMA, The Natural History Museum, LOVE Statue and a few other great places. The best week. Before the week was over, I knew I loved him and he was it.  I went back to California and we continued to talk and plan our next visit.  Over the next year we both traveled back and forth as much as possible to see each other.  He came out for Thanksgiving, I went there for Christmas, he came to live with me for a month and then eventually in July I moved back east for good.

Over these past two years he truly has become my best friend.  I have no idea what my life would be like without him.  He makes me laugh more than anyone else, he lets me cry on his shoulder when I need to. He is supportive of my dreams. We have fun together, I can be a complete dork around him and he in return is a big nerd around me.  We share a love of movies, music, sarcasm and Green Day (fyi if you haven’t noticed he looks a bit like Billie Joe). There are no judgements, just complete openness and honesty and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Oh, and he eats what I make him, gluten-free and all with out complaints.  Seriously he is amazing an I am one lucky girl. I love him.  Happy Birthday Bry, you truly are the best.


One thought on “My Best Friend

  1. Oh, Jenny, what a wonderful, wonderful love story! So glad that you and Bryan reconnected and have stayed connected! 🙂 Too funny that it was the exchange of communication on the injured ankle that really seemed to make it happen. LOL Happy birthday to Bryan! You totally spoiled him, girl. Love all the photos.


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