PJ’s Organics – Gluten Free Enchiladas & Taquitos

One thing we really seem to lack around us is Mexican food!  I was beyond spoiled living in California and I have to say that even though I love the Mexican food in Monterey the Mexican food in Ventura was still better.  One day we decided to try an “Authentic Mexican Cantina” near here and I posted about this before – bottom line, it’s not good at all, so we make tacos at home now, and by no means are they authentic but they are at least tasty!

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by PJ’s Organics and was asked if I would be interested in trying and reviewing their new gluten-free products.  I didn’t even have to think twice about that, my answer was yes!  I was sent samples of their four gluten-free products: Gluten Free Chicken Enchilada, Gluten Free Steak Enchilada, Traditional Taquito and Deluxe Taquitos.  Bryan and I were both excited to try PJ’s Organics products – even though he isn’t gluten-free, he is my taste testing companion – I think its great that I get to do this, but I love getting his non-gluten free opinion on these products.  If he says its good, then you know it must be really good!

So first up we really wanted to try the Enchiladas which come with black beans and brown rice.   We decided to make them both, and cut the Enchiladas in half and each try them both.  Let’s start with how Bryan felt about them “You can’t even tell these are gluten-free!” and I think that sums it up pretty well, they were delicious for frozen meals.  The perfect serving size, the meat in side wasn’t just mush either, there were actually chunks of meat.  These were very filling, I don’t think either of us even finished the rice and beans.  We would defiantly buy the Enchiladas again – if you can find them around you, give them a try!

Next up we had the Traditional and Deluxe Taquitos.  Again, we tried them both together and out of the two I have to say my favorite was the Deluxe Taquitos…they have chicken, corn, red bell peppers along with rice and cheese.  Both were a bit dry, but that was easily solved with a little bit of salsa and sour cream.  Again, there were actually chunks of meat and decent flavor – the enchiladas had a bit more than these did but they were still pretty tasty. The Taquitos were a very good size too – so about two or three of them are great for a snack after school.

These products defiantly fixed our need for some tasty Mexican Food – and yes they are frozen meals, but they did the job just fine! Click here for places to buy PJ’s Organics – They have a whole ton of gluten containing products and the gluten-free products listed above!

Thank you to the very kind people of PJ’s Organics for letting me taste your wonderful products.  Great job on making them taste fantastic and even those with out Celiac Disease or Gluten Intolerance will enjoy them!


6 thoughts on “PJ’s Organics – Gluten Free Enchiladas & Taquitos

  1. I was happy to see this review–I belong to a natural foods co-op, and these are on sale for our next order. I ordered a couple of the taquitos (can’t remember which one), in the hopes that they will be yummy. Sounds like they will be! We don’t do a lot of frozen food–I actually love to cook. But since I’ve gone gluten free, it’s harder to find quick, easy things to make if we’re in a hurry or not feeling up to cooking.

  2. Love that you posted this blog on PJ’s! I too moved from California and was very spoiled by the access to Mexican Cuisine that was gluten free.

    I am excited to find out about PJ’s, as I’ve only been able to find a very limited selection of gluten-free Mexican Cuisine options here in the grocery stores and if Whole Food’s doesn’t care, I can put a request in and they will usually try to get it!

  3. Of the above items I would like to try the chicken enchiladas. Mexican is my favorite ethnic food and although I appreciate I can make taco salad using Tostitos, I tried to make enchiladas and they just weren’t the same as what I used to make. And I really miss spanish rice.

    I’m excited to know that there is something out there to try at least. Now to get my grocery store to try the line, although they are really good about that.

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