09/13/10 – National Celiac Disease Awareness Day! Let’s Spread The Word

September 13, 2010 is National Celiac Disease Awareness Day!! Which is quickly approaching – I can’t believe we are almost in September. What a better way to spread the news then do compile everyone’s favorite gluten-free recipes along with a Gluten-Free, Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diet tip or funny story, favorite restaurant, etc. from each participant.  If you wish to participate in spreading the word with me please send me an e-mail at CreativeCookingGF AT Gmail DOT Com (creativecooking@gmail.com) no later than Friday September 10th.

Here is what to include in the email:

Your Name

Your Blog/Website (If you have one, but it is not required)

A photo of your recipe (if you so wish to do so)

Your favorite Gluten-Free (Could also be dairy free etc, only requirement is that is it is Gluten-Free)

Your Tip, Story, Word of Wisdom etc.

Your E-mail address (it will not be published on the site)

Over that weekend I will go ahead and compile all of the recipes, photos and stories, tips etc into a blog post and have it posted on Monday September 13th for all to see on my blog.


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