Business Cards – A Great Resource

Yes I am that weird annoying person who takes photos of my food…all the time! At first Bryan would shake his head about me but he has gotten used to it. Not only do I bring my little point and shoot camera with me to the restaurants, I also bring one of my favorite little note books…the moleskines! So whenever we are traveling we are constantly on the search for new places to try, especially cupcakes places.  In the past month or so we’ve been to quite a few places and several of the waiters have seen me writing in my notebooks and hearing Bryan and I talk about the different dishes we’ve ordered etc.  They asked what I plan to do with these notes, and I simply explain that I have my own Gluten-Free blog that not only has recipes on there but when I try new places I write about them.  That last part seems to get their attention real good!  Once they hear that they ask if I have a business card…which I didn’t but now I do!

Bryan helped design these for me and I think it is a great resource for all gluten-free, allergy-free bloggers to have! Now I carry them with me and hand them to the waiter if they ask or leave it with our signed check.  We also looked up facts about Celiac Disease on The National Foundation For Celiac Awareness’ website to include on the reverse side of the card along with their website.  So here they are:

Front Side

Reverse Side


2 thoughts on “Business Cards – A Great Resource

  1. Great idea Jen, I have cards too, but did not think to add celiac facts on the back (I only got them in the first place because people roll their eyes, well, I do too, when they/I have to write out my full blog address: (yeah, I didn’t think that one through!). 🙂

    Love the design!

    1. I know my blog address isn’t short either! Ha ha woops, but now I don’t have to worry about it. I was just going to do a one sided card but Bryan thought it was a good idea to add some facts on the back of it. He’s good, what can I say!

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