Grilled Hot Dogs On A Hot Summer Day (Review)

We are loving the weather here…not to hot or humid and there is always an amazing breeze!  We truly can’t complain much about the weather here and the fact that we get to eat outside most nights.  We were fortunate enough to have been left a patio set, so we’ve been putting it to use as much as possible. My dad even gave us a small grill which will be put to use very very soon.  Had I cleaned it today, we would have cooked our dinner on it tonight but sadly I didn’t so I used my grill pan instead.

While we were still living in New Jersey, Bryan’s mom found a little store near them that had a huge and I mean huge selection of gluten-free items.  I grabbed a basket and pretty much filled it up, not even thinking about prices.  One thing I was very excited to throw into my basket was some Tapioca Hot Dog Buns from Ener-G Foods.  I’ve been holding on to them until we moved instead of trying them in New Jersey and bringing the remaining buns with us.

Tonight we went to BJ’s to pick up a few things and we found some Kayem Hot Dogs (Which are GLUTEN-FREE!!) in natural casing, which are Bryan’s favorite because they make that “crunch” sound when you bite into them.  Now I finally had my chance to try these Tapioca Hot Dog Buns that I have been holding on to.  I grilled the hot dogs on my grill pan and grabbed two hot dog buns for myself (Bryan got to have real ones) and cut a slice in the side for the hot dog, they smelled good but felt a bit dense/dry. I thought maybe grilling them a little bit might help…it didn’t.  I have to say these were not very good at all.  They weren’t soft, way too hard to close it enough to actually get your mouth around it.  I have no idea how kids would be able to these.  They were so dry I even tried to put on some extra ketchup and spicy mustard, which didn’t help at all.  On the first hot dog I had to keep ripping parts of the bun off just so I could eat it…the second bun was a goner, didn’t even make it one bite before completely falling apart, so I went back to my old stand by, eating my hot dog sands the bun and I honestly I would much rather of had it that way to begin with.

I was very disappointing in these…has anyone else had a better experience?  Are there any suggestions on there for other hot dog buns?


2 thoughts on “Grilled Hot Dogs On A Hot Summer Day (Review)

  1. I’ve tried these buns before too and had the same experience. I’m just not a fan.

    I have however been using Udi’s plain bagels as hamburger buns and they’re awesome at that. They hold together really well, just like the bread, and frankly, they taste more like a hamburger bun than a bagel anyway 🙂

  2. LOL! I hear ya sister, those are the types of GF breads from days gone by (thank God). I will say this though, the Ener-G buns are *better* when microwaved, it seems to soften them up. Not really convenient though if one is going on a picnic! 😉

    I have become a bun-less girl myself. I poke hot dogs with a disposable wooden chopstick and just dip them in mustard and onions, it’s probably better for my rear anyway, being low-carb and all. 😀

    I agree with Adina on the Udi’s bagels, we use them for hamburger buns all the time!

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