Gluten-Free Pantry’s White Cake

In this month of transition I haven’t been able to do my normal amount of cooking and baking.  It’s been a bit weird actually.  When I shipped all my boxes back east, I also shipped all of my flours, xantham gum and baking pans, so It’s been a bit rough.  If I have a sweet tooth, I need to go and find a gluten-free box mix and make that.  Saying that sounds so much easier than it really is.  The stores around here are very limited on what they carry for gluten-free options.  Whole Foods is my best bet, but sadly they are just so expensive that I don’t shop there very often.

While walking around Whole Foods the other day I came across a brand that I have seen and heard about many times – Gluten-Free Pantry.  I picked up two of their mixes – the old-fashioned cake and cookie mix and their chocolate chip cookie mix.  Victoria and I decided to make the cake mix first and some chocolate cream cheese frosting to go on top of it.  The cookie mix will be made later this week I’m sure (seeing as I fly out on Friday night).

We followed the directions per the package, it was nice and moist when it came out of the pan, however the next morning when we went to eat it, it seemed a bit dry and crumbly. Not saying that it was bad, just a bit crumbly.  I did however really enjoy that it wasn’t super sweet.  We topped it with some chocolate cream cheese frosting, which was the perfect balance of sweetness. I do prefer my cake to be a bit more moist but over all I really did enjoy this mix and plan on buying this brand again in the future.

I’m looking forward to trying the cookie mix soon.


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