Mighty Tasty Muffins (Bob’s Red Mill)

I’m excited for winter to be here. Although I have a completely different idea of what winter should be vs. what it is here in Monterey. I want it to be cold, with snow, scarves, fires etc. I get some of that here but there is no snow. After living here for four and a half years I truly miss living back east during this time of year. Its not very Christmasy here. People put lights up but its just not the same with palm trees. Am I the only one that feels this way?

Every year thought I am lucky enough to head back home for Christmas. I get my snow and cold air with a nice warm fire going for a good few weeks. This year though I get to spend Christmas with Bryan and our families for almost three weeks. I am very much looking forward to being in New York City and especially Boston!! Nothing says winter and Christmas like the East Coast to me. The big trees all lit up, Christmas lights all over, snow, hot chocolate, first night etc…

On chilly mornings I want something fulfilling for breakfast…a nice warm muffin with a little butter or honey on it sounded really good today. Its a bit chilly here lately, nothing compared to back home (even though I’ve come accustomed to the weather here). The only bad thing about this time of year is being sick! I try so hard not to get a cold but I feel a cold coming on so I’m bundled up, making some tasty veggie soup with brown rice and some Mighty Tasty Muffins for breakfast this week. I tried one and they are as their name says…Mighty Tasty!

Mighty Tasty Muffins (Bob’s Red Mill)

Adapted from Special Diet Solutions by Carol Fenster, PhD.

Preheat oven to 350�F. In a large bowl, combine the first six ingredients. Let sit for 15 minutes while the cereal softens. In a separate bowl, combine remaining ingredients. Add the dry ingredients to the liquid and stir until just moistened. Spoon batter into grease muffins tins and bake for approximately 20 minutes, or until the tops of the muffins are firm. Makes 12 muffins.

Servings Size: 1 Muffin

Calories 120, Calories from Fat 10, Total Fat 1g, Saturated Fat 0g, Cholesterol 20mg, Sodium 180mg, Total Carbohydrate 26g, Dietary Fiber 2g, Sugars 12g and Protein 3g.


2 thoughts on “Mighty Tasty Muffins (Bob’s Red Mill)

  1. Because I’m french, can you explain me “2Tb” in your gluten free recipe

    1 tsp = 1 teaspoon
    1 tbsp = 1 tablespeoon

    But 2 Tb = ????

    thanck you very much

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