For the love of cupcakes


I love cupcakes! I know I can’t be alone in this but I would choose a cupcake over a piece of cake any day. They are cute and individualized…they just make me happy (and I’m pretty sure they make others happy to when I bake them and share the goods). I make them a ton, probably too much. But people have often asked where my love of cupcakes from and I never had a good answer, until last night that is!

This week I’m getting ready for my sister, brother in law and nephew to come for a visit before they move to Australia for three years!! So I did some deep cleaning of the apartment, got rid of a few things and put some rings back in my jewelry box. In doing so I found my charm bracelet that was given to me about ten years ago. I don’t wear it much and only have a few “charms” on it. I have a fish and scallop charms from my dad, my baby ring and a cupcake from Julie. The cupcake was my first charm. She use to call me her “little Cupcake”.

I guess its to Julie that I owe my love of cupcakes!! Ten years ago this summer I fell in love with that charm and cupcakes.

I love baking cupcakes, playing with different frostings, food coloring, sprinkles etc. Like I said I bake these A LOT! Now with my family coming to town I’ll be making another batch this weekend for my sisters 30th birthday celebration. She’s pregnant with baby number two and is trying to eliminate sugar during this pregnancy, so I’m on a mission to create sugar free cupcakes and frosting. I have a cupcake recipe and I found a frosting recipe online so I’ll be trying that this weekend and will be sure to post my results. Fingers crossed they turn out.

I love cupcakes to the point I will not have a cake at my wedding…there will be cupcakes, maybe even a “cupcake tree”!


One thought on “For the love of cupcakes

  1. This is an old post, so I’m not sure if you’ll see this comment!
    But, if you do, I’m trying to bake sugar free as well. is all sugar free and uses agave nectar instead, as well as almond flour.
    She has a great yellow cake recipe!

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