Donuts – Gluten Free

I have a love for Dunkin Donuts,  Not just their coffee but their donuts are great (well so aren’t N&J’s for all you people in Oxford).  I miss Dunkin’s and we don’t have any out here in California.  So when I go home for Christmas, its one of the first things I want.  To the point I know just where they are at Logan Airport.  Sick huh?  They now sell the coffee in bags out here at some places but its not the same.  So when I make it home I stock up by buying  a few bags to bring with me.   Since finding out about having celiac disease they donuts are out of the question now.

I was talking to my boyfriend this morning about running out of coffee and how I wish I could have a donut.  He lives in the land of Dunkin’s, aka the East Coast.  So I went on a search today to find a recipe to try out.  I read a few of them and decided I would try one found on a blog called Four Chickens.

Not thinking I had all the different flours to make the mixture I emailed Jeanne to see if another option would work and she responded right away.  It would work, however I ended up having all the right flours so I followed her recipe.  So I set off to make donuts and let me tell you, they are AMAZING!!  You can’t even tell they are Gluten Free.

I don’t have cookie cutters or a candy thermometer so I improvised.  I used a drinking glass for the large circles and a top of a water bottle for the holes.  I heated the oil and just tested it with the first donut.

Please check out her website and recipes.  Thanks again Jeanne!!



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