The not so GF, GF Menu

Today for lunch I went to Islands Grill and ordered off of their Gluten Free menu.  The list is small but they have some really good grilled fish tacos, so I went for those.  They come with a side of “ranch beans”.  Just an FYI to anyone who is GF and ordering off of this GF menu…the beans are NOT GF.  They contain WHEAT.  It is not listed anywhere on their printed menus however its listed online.  For more info on items that contain WHEAT/GLUTEN please click here.

After being sick, I called the restaurant and the person I spoke with said they were “officially gluten free”.  I explained very nicely that on their website it lists them as not being gluten free and containing wheat.  He kindly went and checked again and had his manager come on the phone who also looked online and sure enough the website is correct.

Also their french fries (which I didn’t order) aren’t coated in anything, however the oil they are fried in contains flour so those are also not gluten free.

I’ve started to find it harder and harder to eat out.  In a way its a good thing because it saves money and forces me to be even more creative with my GF diet, however every once in a while you want to eat out.  So i suggest doing some research before venturing out.   Many more places are starting to list allergens on their website and printed menus.  Don’t always trust what your server tells you.  If you have any doubts, don’t risk it.


One thought on “The not so GF, GF Menu

  1. Just a quick follow up for this post – Yesterday I received a letter from the manager of Islands where I ate with a very nice letter saying he was working with the staff to train them on this issue and also contacting corporate to have the menus fixed. I also received a very nice “we’re sorry” gift card to use in the future!

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