From the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness May 2009 Newsletter


Chex Will Debut 5 More Gluten-Free Cereals This Summer This summer, Chex will offer five more gluten-free cereals! Gluten-free Rice Chex became available in 2008, but now gluten-free Corn Chex, Honey Nut Chex, Chocolate Chex, Cinnamon Chex and Strawberry Chex are beginning to appear on grocery store shelves. By early summer they will be widely available across the country, offering the same great taste as before! As this integration slowly occurs, it is very important for consumers to find “Gluten-Free” on the Chex cereal package. Gluten-Free boxes may be mixed in with older, gluten-containing boxes until they are fully replaced. The label “Gluten-Free” will appear near the ingredient declaration on package side panels and may also appear on the front panel, so be sure to find it before you purchase. Also, be sure to remember that Wheat Chex and Multi-Bran Chex have not been made gluten-free. Consumer insight and requests provoked the reformulation of Rice Chex back in 2008. The response was so incredibly positive that the company was excited to get to work on bringing even more gluten-free varieties to store shelves. Along with removing the gluten from their products, the company is also very aware of the dangers of cross contamination and takes steps to prevent it. Each gluten-free formula they create is tested against the FDA’s proposed regulations. Chex Marketing Manager, Adrienne Daniels, said “For the first time, people looking for a tasty, gluten-free cereal can shop the main cereal aisle at their market without paying a premium. Now, Chex brings even more gluten-free varieties to the breakfast table. And, to round out the offering, we’re introducing a wide range of gluten-free recipes at” Be sure to check it out! Can’t wait till the summer so I can stock my cabinets with boxes of delicious, affordable gluten-free cereal. Thanks, Chex! For more information, visit:


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