In June 2008 I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and with that came changes in the way that I eat and live my life. It hasn’t been the easiest of changes but its been a good challenge for me.

With having to be creative with my cooking (hence the name), I started Creative Cooking Gluten Free to share recipes that I have adapted to become gluten-free, (like I needed another excuse to cook). Here at Creative Cooking Gluten Free you will find many recipes that have been reformulated to be gluten-free (and mostly onion free) and many recipes that I have developed over the years. I think a huge part of the gluten-free lifestyle is being able to adapt to the changes and not give up your favorite gluten filled recipes. That is why I started by reformulation of recipes that I loved and creatively making them gluten-free.

Not only have I had to change my diet but Bryan has also had to change his as well.  Thankfully he is a really good sport about it and trying all my different creations.  I told him that I will not make two meals each night, so either he had to learn to cook for himself or eat my gluten-free creations.  He chose to eat what I made.  Don’t get me wrong, we’ll be having some gluten containing items in our house for him, it’s not like he can never have it again, but I just won’t be making any of it.  He is extremely careful (sometimes even more than myself) about cross contamination. I know and understand that many people find the a split kitchen controversial, but I don’t think it is necessary to deprive him of food that he can eat. To take precautions, gluten-free items are labeled as such (peanut butter, etc.), everything is washed and sanitized very well, and we just stay on top of things.

I am not the only one with a special diet, Bryan has a few food allergies and intolerances that he needs to watch out for.  His include an Onion allergy, Oral Allergy Syndrome and is Lactose Intolerant.  So in addition to gluten-free recipes you will also find that many of them are also onion free and instead of using milk, we use soy milk or rice milk (except for a few recipes like whipped cream).  Here is a little guide to some of the food allergy  acronyms you will find on the site : GF = Gluten Free, OF = Onion Free, DF = Dairy Free, NF = Nut Free, SF = Soy Free, EF = Egg Free

I’ve been experimenting with different recipes, flours etc. and have had some very interesting out comes…those of which have not made it to the this blog but instead the trash. Its been fun and that’s all that matters to me.

In the Fall of 2010 I decided to take a huge step and apply to culinary school.  Not just any culinary school, but my dream school since high school, Johnson & Wales University.  Even though this is not strictly a gluten-free program, I am doing it as gluten-free as I possibly can.  So far I have had some amazing Chefs who are encouraging and enthusiastic about me working with gluten-free flours. The program has been a bit of a challenge but I am truly loving it. I feel honored to be a part of JWU and to be taught by these talented and inspiring Chefs.

In November 2012 I graduated Summa Cum Laude  with my Associate in Science degree in Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales University. In addition to graduating in November, I also began my Bachelor’s degree studies in Culinary Nutrition. In May I was awarded both the Feinstein Enriching America Award and the Founders Award from the University. In addition to those two awards I was inducted into the Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society, completed my AmeriCorps Service, and was awarded over $21,000 for next year in scholarships and grants (hard work pays off!). For the academic year 2012-2013 I held the position as Vice President of the Sans Gluten Club, which won Best New Club on campus, and was elected President of the club for the 2013-2014 academic year.  In addition to my studies, and work with the Sans Gluten club I also am a volunteer at an allergy and gastrointestinal clinic located at Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, RI.

During the last five years of writing Creative Cooking Gluten Free, I have had the pleasure of working with many great companies such as Rudi’s Gluten Free, Udi’s Gluten Free, Canyon Bakehouse, Bakery on Maine, Le Creuset, Betty Crocker, Edgeware, and many more. You can find my recipes on EatSmart Products, Wholesome Sweeteners, and the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness.

Over the years my culinary library and skills have grown and I hope that they will continue to grow over the years to come.  A mix of gluten-free cookbooks along with “regular” cookbooks and books on techniques currently reside in my library. I truly believe it is important to be able to adapt and reformulate every day recipes to meet your dietary restrictions.  You can view my “wish list” cookbooks at the link on the bottom of this page.  It is an ever-growing list, but might also be useful to you as you grow your culinary library.

Keep checking back for new recipes and resources for gluten-free living.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Creative Cooking Gluten Free, product reviews, giveaways etc by e-mailing CreativeCookingGF(at)Gmail(Dot)Com (creativecookinggf@gmail.com). All e-mails will be responded to with-in 72 business hours.


Bryan and I – our first time seeing each other in five years! – 2009

IMG_3794_4455Bryan, Penny, and I – 2012

243215_425097900871794_1666087247_oFall 2012 – Internship w/ Feinstein Community Service Center

I Blog Gluten Free

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  1. Hi,

    I stumbled upon your blog today. Love it! I know it’s short notice but we wanted to invite you to be our guest at a Gluten-free luncheon/press event we are holding in NYC next week, hosted by Schär USA. The event will feature an elegant multi-course, gluten-free meal prepared by renowned chef, Jason Munger, as well as presentations by some of the foremost authorities on Celiac Disease in the world, including Dr. Alessio Fasano, Director at the Center for Celiac Research at the University of Maryland.

    Let us know if you can make it. Here are some details:

    Date: Wed, July 21
    Time: 11:30-2:30
    Locations: Espace, 635 W. 42 St. NYC
    Attire: Business Casual


    BullsEye PR
    (212) 671-1082

  2. We saw that your coffeemaker broke and that your day wasn’t going so well. We want to help get you into a new coffeemaker to make up for both your loss of caffeine in the morning and the bad day. Email me and we’ll get you a new one.

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  4. via45 is a rustic italian eatery in red bank nj., now moving into our 2nd year.
    We are aware of many challenges that people have in life. 
    For us, providing a safe environment for people to eat is extremely  important. 
    With these thoughts in mind, we also offer vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan choices. 
    The hand written menu changes every day, allowing for flexibility. 
    All plates are made “in the moment”, making it possible to alter ingredients and possibly the way in which the food in prepared.  
    The premise is that there is something for everyone.  
    We at via 45 support the slow food movement and enjoy working with local markets. 
    come to our table…. sit, eat and share your stories
    (we are interested in being listed on your restaurant list.)

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  7. Hi there,
    I have my own gluten free site here: glutenfreedietsite.com and I’d love to add your link to my blogroll if you would do the same?
    Great site!

  8. Hi Jenny, I thought I saw a gluten-free all-purpose mix that you formulated on here, maybe it was another blog. Those prepackaged mixes tend to be expensive, have you made your own flour blend for baking? With more people I know having wheat issues, I’m tying to offer alternatives in my bakery (cardamombakery.com), this quest to find a homemade GF flour mix will hopefully keep costs down so I don’t have to charge insane prices to make up for the prepackaged mixes.


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